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May 28, 2009
Giant Burger (Springfield, Oregon)

Giant Burger is a well-established burger joint in downtown Springfield, Oregon, which also sells lottery tickets and houses various slot machines. It is old school greasy, but also very tasty. As an extra, you get a colorful collection of locals as you fellow-patrons. I had been there several times before I started this blog, but had to go back for a real review.

Giant Burger advertises that it is one of the few places left that makes real burgers and that it has a selection of 20 different burgers. Its menu features all other old school favorites like curly fries, floats, shakes, etc. It further does some regular dishes, including home-made chili.

I had various burgers before and was almost always very happy (I was not impressed by the chili burger though). This time I arrived extremely hungry and decided to go all the way. So, I ordered a Western Bacon Burger (minus Swiss, plus baked jalapenos), curly fries, and the seasonal fresh strawberry shake for a total of $16.95. I know, a lot of money, but boy, was it worth it! The burger was absolutely delicious: a 1/3lb thick and juicy patty, two thick strips of bacon, two fried onion rings, baked jalapenos, and zesty bbq sauce. The only problem was eating it without having everything over my face. The curly fries were thick and perfectly fried. And then the milkshake, 16oz of ice cream, fresh strawberry and milk, mixed together in a near perfect, not too sweet, not too creamy, supershake!

VERDICT: 92/100

Giant Burger is one of those few remaining independent burger joints that survive because of sheer quality. Unfortunately, there is a hefty price to pay for it, but it is certainly worth it. Go when you are hungry, and you will leave satisfied.

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