At Giant Burger Size Matters

July 10, 2009
Eugene Review
Giant Burger (Springfield, Oregon)

Giant Burger has been in Springfield since 1947. It opened as the Silver Bell, but what you see today is pretty much what you saw then, and that is the way the customers want to keep it.

Owner Brad Welt makes sure that the food and the style don’t change to much. He trusts his head manager Marilyn to keep things running smoothly and his cooks to keep making good old fashioned food.

It always amazes me how happy a place is when the staff genuinely likes their boss. It is also good for maintaining good quality food. For instance Marilyn has been at Giant Burger for 10 years and she loves working there.

The one unknown will be if when the older generation moves on will Giant Burger be able to attract new and younger people to carry on the 60 year tradition.

Brad believes creating a 5 pound burger might be the tool he needs to attract attention.

Right now the 2 pound burger is the largest on the menu and Marilyn says, “There are plenty of high school kids who can finish it.” You know what I say: Go big or go home. I think if someone can finish a 5 pound burger, fries, and a drink they should get a T-shirt saying I came, I saw, and I ate it all.

If you want to try one of the best burgers in town, skip the fast food shop, head down to Giant Burger, and enjoy a real burger with some real people.

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